Monday, July 23, 2012

It's All About the Food

I've mentioned before about how we love trying new things and are absolutely enjoying the food-tasting adventure here. Well this weekend was no exception:

We ventured in to the Supermercado just down the street from us. It's like a tiny little market that has most things you would need. They even had fresh bread and pastries. The pastries were unbelievable.

We also picked up these chocolate covered sticks that were carmel filled. They reminded me of a stale kit-kat with carmel in the middle. Not really stale, but the cracker part wasn't overly crunchy. They were really good.

We went to the farmer's market again on Saturday and grabbed another Peruvian mango and a chirimoya. These are the last of the season until summer. We know we love the mangos and we've loved chirimoya juice but this was our first time trying the fruit fresh. YUMMY!

The chirimoya is native to the Andes but you can find them in Southern California. They are ugly - warty on the outside - and full of uneatable seeds. They are very interesting. It has a banana/pear flavor with a smooth custard like texture. Very mild, but very tasty. It is served with a little orange juice poured over the top.

Alex even like it -

Sunday we had a "FAMILY JUICING" and juiced that huge bag of oranges we got from the roadside stand on the way back from the beach on Monday. It was a fun little adventure.

Andrew and I were in charge of peeling and quartering the oranges.

Andrew may have done more eating than peeling. He didn't want anything to go to waste.

Dad and Alex worked the juicer.

We ended up with about 4 liters of juice. It is yummy (drinking some now as I type!)

We rounded out our weekend with dinner at the Lambert's home. They are the nicest family. With five kids ranging in age from 14 - 3, it was a great time! So much fun energy at their house. Elizabeth made lasagna - YUMMY! It was nice to be able to talk with others who have recently been in our shoes.

What a blessing it is to move in somewhere and have immediate kinship with others. The church does that. The gospel connection makes it so that we have "family" no matter where we go.

It was a great weekend!

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