Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to Work

I've needed something. Before we left home, I was running the PTO at the school, organizing the stake Girls Camp, Chairing the 8th Grade Promotion Committee, and preparing to move. So, a little busy. We arrived in Chile and I immediately got to work making this house our home. That took about a week. Then nothing. I've got this little blog, but other than that. Nada. I'm not good with nothing. I need something to focus on. Something to make me feel useful.

Well, Sunday at church it all changed. I officially became the English-Speaking Seminary teacher. I will teach 4-6 high school kids about the New Testament every morning before school for about an hour.

I am excited about this new adventure. I need another project to focus my energy on and make me feel useful. Plus - I can use all the blessings I can get at this point. Our church is a volunteer-run organization. No one is paid for doing their "jobs". Not the bishop, not the english-speaking seminary teacher. This is amazing really. Blessings are better than money anyway. Blessings are universal and never cause any grief. I also think doing something because you CHOOSE to, has a different impact than doing something because you HAVE to. It puts things into a little different light.

Anyway - I am excited for this new endeavor. I worry about my lack of knowledge and my hatred of mornings... but truly, this is just what I needed and the Lord knew that.


He's busy. Busy - Busy. He is a sales/engineer who covers the entire world except South America. *But wait - you're living in South America* I know, I know. It doesn't make much sense. He is working here to help the people get the kinks worked out so that they can continue to grow here south of the equator. This is in addition to the areas he covers and the people he is hiring to help him cover those areas.

Add to that the fact that he now has to take care of me 100% and carry a big bulk of the load I typically bear (grocery shopping for example) and he's got quite a load right now.

He's busy.

He was asked yesterday to serve as the President of the Elder's Quorum. Holy Cow! That is quite a large responsibility. The Elder's Quorum is the organization for men within our church. He'll be responsible for all of them. Some who speak English, most speak spanish - but the spanish is both Chilean as well as Peruvian, which varies just slightly. We have extremely wealthy families and family in poverty. It's a varied group with drastically different needs. I know that this man of mine will be very good in this position. I know that the Lord will bless him with the ability to communicate with these people easily.

Greg is a very contemplative person. He is a problem solver but an amazing listener. Most of all, Greg is very humble. The Lord needs humble men to do His work. I have no doubt that Greg will be able to serve in this new position beautifully.

It will also be a blessing for me as I will have to get myself out there. I'll have to take some of my load back so that he can serve others. I'm ready. Spanish lessons start Tuesday and Greg is checking out cars for me tomorrow.

It's amazing how perspectives can change so very quickly. Today, I'm ready to take on the world> We'll see what tomorrow brings :)

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