Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whipping Up More Surprises

I was SURPRISED already today by the potato fiasco (previous post). Now I am 'surprised' again by chocolate pudding. Or my attempt at chocolate pudding that is.

I bought a package of what I thought was chocolate pudding.

I google translated the directions and went to work. I was excited to surprise my kids with a batch of chocolate pudding for dessert.

About halfway through my mixing, I began to wonder about the consistency. It seemed too light and fluffy and not at all chocolate colored. I continued whipping for the full three minutes only to find out that I hadn't made pudding. I had what seemed to be chocolate whipped topping. Not very sweet chocolate whipped topping at that.

I added some powdered sugar (called: Azucar Flor) to sweeten it up and called the kids down for a taste test. My chocoholic Alex wasn't impressed. I talked Andrew into trying it with a chocolate cookie as a spoon. He wasn't impressed. I ended up dumping it down the drain. Andrew suggested making no-bake cookies. Great idea Andrew. Now if I could only find cocoa powder.

**UPDATE: I belong to a group on Facebook called "English Speaking Moms in Santiago" and I just read on there that cocoa powder is called Chocolate Amargo and can be found near the powdered milk. There may be no-bakes in our future after all!

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  1. Hmmm...what you made definitely doesn't look like what's on the bag. False advertising! :)