Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working with the oven

Yes my oven is lame. It gets up to temperature (or close to it) and then shuts off, drops 50+ degrees and then starts working it's way back up. This doesn't really work for baking.

We had the oven guy out last week (you read about my breakdown following that adventure). He told us it is working fine. Well, it does work fine if you pull it out of the cabinet and sit it on the floor. Greg thinks that the internal coupling (I think that is what he said) is overheating and causing it to shut off.

So until we can figure out a permeant solution. This is how we're working with it:

Please notice a few things:

-The strip of wood at the top of the oven is off, allowing the heat to escape better.

-There is a flashlight on the counter that we use to peak through the window of the oven and watch the thermometer that we have sitting on the shelf. This keeps us from having to open the oven door and lose that precious heat.

-The fan is standing in the middle of my kitchen (it's a very small space). It is absolutely in my way no matter where I need to go.

-The folded rag on the counter that we use as a hot pad (because we don't have one).

-You also can't see it, but the cord runs across my only working counter space and plugs into the wall. Thus making my work space unusable while the oven is going.

Yeah! The things we will do to feed the missionaries a few brownies...

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