Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lights Out!

Today ended up being quite eventful.

We started our day with church as usual. We met several of the gringo families that are back from holiday in the states. It was nice to hear a few more english voices.

Another great family in the ward invited us over for dinner. Abe & Laura Smith are great people. They have 3 little kids. Their oldest starts kindergarten tomorrow, so it was really nice for them to have us over on such a busy day. It is so much fun getting to know all these new people!

In preparation for the first day of school tomorrow, I made a batch of brownies. (I make tons of brownies. They are very forgiving of my wacky oven.) I plan to send cash and a packed lunch until the kids decide what they want to do. Hopefully having options will ease their transition.

While making these brownies, I had a load of clothes in the dryer. Apparently all of someone's cool shirts were dirty...

Backing up just a minute; while comiserating about crappy ovens with the Smith's during dinner, they talked about how they constantly blow fuses.

Apparently, every house is allowed 10Mhz of power. Thus the small ovens and minimal lighting. We've not had that problem before.

Fast forward 2 hours and you find me standing in a pitch black kitchen with half-baked brownies in the oven and wet clothes in the dryer. Fuse blown...

We had a little trouble getting it back on. There is a fuse box in the house, but that didn't help. We finally located the main switch outside. While we were at it we located both the water and gas shutoff valves to the house. You know, in case a major earthquake or something happens.

I also had my first experience actually speaking to the alarm company today. I have mentioned before that they call each time the alarm is disabled to verify that you were the one who disarmed it. Greg left from the Smith's home directly to a church meeting with Abe. This means I would need to drive the kids home to our armed home and deactivate the system all alone.

I nailed it! It is a pretty big deal. Greg wanted a play-by-play when he got home. It is cute how proud he is of me when I accomplish even these simple tasks. I am sure he is envisioning on more responsibility dropping from his plate... Sweet, sweet man.


  1. I had a lot of fun reading your blog...I enjoyed
    your was like read a book, I kept on reading until the end, which was your begining, of this blog...I wanted to see why your family went to chile...and now I got it...
    thank you, you are a good enjoyable writer...
    I wish for you and your family to be safe, and happy, and in good tune with everyone and everything in Chile...and may you allways have good fun adventures, to share with us...

    1. How very kind of you to say that! It is a crazy ride down here and writing about it is very helpful for my sanity. :)
      Your good wishes are encouraging. Thank you for following along!

  2. Tammy you are just so funny. We sure loved having you over for dinner. Your kids were so much fun and our kids just loved it. We are so glad you are here!! And your brownies were wonderful!!!