Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Kool-Aid Time!!!

We found a strange little store next to the Pizza Hut that sells random things. It does have a few US items, so we had to stop in yesterday.

The had Banana Split Pop Tarts for $8USD a box. We didn't even ask about the price for the Costco sized boxes of Rice Krispy Treats or Mtn Dew. We ended up with a large can of Kool-Aid.

Guess how much we paid for that sucker? Go on, guess....

What did you guess? $10USD? $15USD? Nope. $20USD. Yep $20 buckeroos for one can of Kool-Aid. Crazy I tell you!

On the flip side, I paid only $6USD for this entire bag of oranges:

Thank goodness Greg was able to take apart the juicer and fix the short in the wiring. I am NOT juicing them by hand. (Another reason why I keep him around.)

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