Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Good Things

Sometimes moving to another country is so overwhelming. I find it easier if I stop and verbally count the "Good Things" that are happening.

Here are a few (in no particular order):

-I saw someone I know at the grocery store! I actually have a friend here who recognized me, acknowledged me and made small talk with me. Someone I could communicate with (her english is pretty good, good enough for pleasantries). It was a pretty big deal in my little world.

-I found a little shop that sells yarn in the parking garage of the mall that houses my favorite grocery store. Greg and I stopped in to try to buy some yarn and knitting needles and come to find out the lady speaks amazing english!!! She even showed me a fun new yarn and how to make an easy little scarf.

-They have THE WORLD's BEST Sushi here. Greg and I try and get there once a week. I just found out that they deliver!

-Took the kids to Johnny Rocket's on Friday night for some killer shakes. The staff stops what they are doing when "The Twist" plays and does a little Chilean rendition of the twist. I LOVED IT!

-Andrew was asked to play Aladdin in the upcoming church youth musical. Each ward is a different Disney movie (from what I can gather) and they'll all come together for a fun performance in about a month. Alex is hoping they'll ask him to be the monkey.

-The sun was shinning today and the warmth was invigorating. There were even a few butterflies visiting the flowers in the back yard.

-Greg has put his engineering mind to work on figuring out my oven. That means I'll soon know how to make it work. He can fix anything. If not, it will officially be declared 'broken' and the owners will have to replace it. *yeah for renting!

That's a brief overview for today. I'll admit to dropping into a little bit of a sad place on Friday evening. It wasn't anything that a husband's listening ear and family outing for shakes couldn't fix.

Sometimes simple things are just hard - and as I've said before, I like easy. Counting my blessings really helps keep it in perspective.

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  1. Tammy! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about Chile! You make me smile and laugh and I have to say I think you are so courageous for all the things you are doing and new things you are trying. Im excited to hear more, what a great journal you are keeping!!!! :)
    Hope all is well.