Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snow Adventure

The boys finally got up to the slopes to enjoy the REAL reason we came to Chile - snowboarding (and skiing for dad)!

They went up to Valle Nevado which ended up being about 1 1/2 hour drive due to the snowy conditions. There is a police check point on your way up, where they make sure you have chains in your car (which can be rented below). At one point, when the roads start getting "sketch" as Andrew described it, there are people there to put the chains on your tires for you for a small fee. Traffic on this road is only 1 way. From morning until 2pm you are only allowed to go up. After 2pm, you're only allowed to go down. THANK GOODNESS!

It was a beautiful day for them. It was right at about 0 degrees celsius, so not overly cold. The sun was shining because they were above the cloud layer that was dumping rain on the valley (and their mom). I think the clouds are beautiful from above.

They all three had an amazing day and enjoyed their new boards/skis immensely.

Andrew shot some fun footage with the Go Pro camera. I love that thing! It makes me feel like I was really there (without all the cold and falling).

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