Monday, July 30, 2012

We made it to school!

There is a ton of excitement and angst on the first day of school every year. Lots of emotions. Kids are excited, so they didn't sleep overly well the night before. They are super sleepy because 6:20am wake up times haven't happened in a long while. They are anxious for the unknown things that are about to come. And really, Mom and Dad have those same feelings. Multiply that times 1,000 when starting a new school in another country.

I have talked to the kids numerous times, both individually and together, about their feelings on starting the new school year. They are both ready. Not a lot of nerves. Andrew is most nervous about the work load that he will be expected to carry. It will be significantly more than he is used to. 2-3 hours a night on average. Alex is pretty zen about the entire thing. Are you nervous? No. Excited? Ehh... This morning he was talking a hundred miles an hour - I think maybe he was just a little excited. :)

Greg was most nervous about me taking the kids to school alone. He carpooled with Jose Raul to work in hopes that he would be able to drive our new (used) car home today. They are changing the oil and replacing the battery, as well as working out the paper work for us.

Greg double checked that I had house keys. He wanted me to take the extra set "just in case". He made sure I had my purse, my cell phone, the GPS, the house keys (again). He was a little ridiculous. He made sure I knew how to disarm the alarm... You get the idea.

We finally got out of the house, about 5 minutes later than I had hoped, (Andrew is not a fast mover in the mornings) and we headed off to school. I missed one turn, but quickly recovered. When we got about 1/2 mile from the school, the traffic line started. There are two lanes curving up the side of the mountain ending at the school. Every single one of these cars were going to Nido. They have around 1,500 kids in all three schools and almost every one of those students were driven to school today. At the same exact time. It was crazy! All I could think was: Holy Cow! How will I ever make it up the side of this mountain - it is like a 45 degree angle - in this traffic driving a manual transmission! Oh man! I am going to have to practice like crazy and leave MUCH earlier!

I got the kids off safe and sound. They didn't want me to park and walk them in (insert sad face). I headed back home and disarmed the alarm like a big girl. The only concern that I have at this point is that the alarm company hasn't called. It's been like 45 minutes. Oh well. No carbaneros - no problem, right?

Alex being all handsome as a freshman (9th grade):

Andrew ready to take on his junior year (11th grade):

I love those boys more than I can even begin to express. I am so proud of the men that they are becoming, the choices that they are making, and the flexibility and courage that they have shown throughout this adventure here in Chile. They are strong young men and I look forward to seeing what this new school year will bring!

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